A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I had my Spring Piano Recital this past weekend.  I usually have two recitals a year and over the past few years they have become more informal.  My goal is for the students to perform in a supportive environment.

When I first started teaching, I held my recitals in an art gallery on the Texas A&M University campus.  There was a beautiful nine-foot grand piano and the sound was wonderful.

I held many recitals there and my mother and I played a duet on that piano at the Christmas Recital one year.  It was the same year our daughter also played.

When the building that housed the gallery was renovated, the piano was put into storage. I had to find other places to hold my recitals.  The pianos were not as impressive but the goal of having fun was always achieved.

The piano was recently relocated to a church near our house and was once again available for recitals. This is where the recital was held this weekend.  The sound was better than I remembered and my students all sounded amazing!

It was somewhat bittersweet.

One of my students is a senior this year so this was her last recital.  She is the youngest of three siblings I have taught since moving back to Texas. In fact, she attended recitals in the art gallery as an infant while her sister played. She was able to finish her time with me on the same piano her sister had begun her lessons.

Things have come full circle.  It may be time to retire…….or not!  There are still many students who need to learn that playing the piano is fun!