I’m an early riser. Always have been.

I believe the trait stems from growing up with five people in a one-bedroom/one bathroom house. In those crucial teen years when bathroom time is paramount, a little brother arrived in the family. Six people had to share the one bath.

With two working parents, early morning bathroom time was a premium. Sick of the constant arguments, Daddy allocated use times.

Being the oldest child, I was granted first in line morning time with the 5 a.m. to 5:15 time slot. That lucky draw meant, if I got up even earlier, I’d have more than fifteen minutes. During my high school years when rushing to dress was not an option, I’d head to the bathroom sometime in the 4:00 and 4:30 range.

And thus began my love affair with early morning.

When I grew up and married, the hour I woke up depended on me. I still choose the early morning hours. These days, the exact time varies. In summer, it’s earlier than winter. But, I’m always up before the sun rises.

These are five reasons I love early morning.

It’s a brand new day. ~A fresh start. A clean slate. There’s no better feeling!

The house is quiet. ~The hustle and bustle of daily life hasn’t begun. Yet. I read somewhere that our brains need quiet awaking to function as it should. I need it.

 I can read Proverbs undisturbed. ~Did you know there’s a chapter of Proverbs for every day of a month? I find it amazing how the verses can so accurately related to my life. My daily reading offers a tangible realization of God’s comfort and protection.

 The dogs and I can share a morning walk before the rest of the human world awakes. ~Living in the forest, it’s hard to wake before the animals so we’re never totally alone. The birds chirp. The rabbits scurry around. Deer and turkey munch of trees and grass. Some mornings we meet other early risers with their dogs. Toby and Buster have an impromptu play date greeting their doggie friends.

 The sunrise. ~I never tire of seeing the dark sky brighten into lapis and pink and tangerine and ruby and gold all at the same time as the sun rises above the mountains. Every morning there’s a new and different formation as the gentle swoosh of night giving way to daylight sweeps over us.sunrise

sunrise2No two sunrises are alike.Neither are two days ever alike.

That’s the main reason I love early mornings.