Expecting an Exciting Summer

daffodilThis little guy popped out of the ground last week, bringing hope that spring and summer will arrive.

It’s about time.

Snowstorms in May were a major shock though our visiting grandchildren thought it was wonderful!


My sister and her daughter from Texas decided to pack their long johns when they came to see us over Memorial weekend after the grandkids left.

Unfortunately, they needed the extra layer. It was cold and rainy the whole weekend.

That didn’t stop my hiking niece and husband from climbing up to 10,000 feet on Sentinel Peak.


Summer folk are returning to town. It’s amazing to watch the RV parks filling and summer homes coming to life.

Last week the exterior painting of our house was finally been completed. ???????????????????????????????Soon, the mountains of dirt from the excavating for the garage addition will become tiered landscaping. Now that will be a much-welcomed sight.

The summer will bring family and friends escaping the heat where they live. Another thing I can wait to have happen. Nothing’s more fun than sitting on the porch visiting.

And, most exciting, I have a book releasing in June.


Details on official release date coming soon…

We’re off to a tremendous start for the season. So how’s your summer shaping up?


4 Comments on “Expecting an Exciting Summer

  1. A new book is an exciting time as you know. And the heat–come on up. We can sit with our laptops on the porch and write away.

  2. Congrats on the book release! Your house looks awesome. Isn’t it great to get construction over! Summer heat–don’t remind me! Janie

  3. Oddly, the most exciting thing about this entry is…seeing the cover of your new book. Why? To see two people obviously in love, enjoying each others company and being completely clothed! No ‘bodice ripping, no body building muscles rippling and quivering. Refreshing 🙂

    • Thank you, Connie. My books are considered “sweet romance” because I close the bedroom door. Darcy and Andrew’s story will also be classified inspirational. He’s a preacher’s kid. I think you’ll like it. Release will be soon. I’m completing final edits now.

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