A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

We used to have ducks. We got them when they were ducklings and they all turned out to be male.  This was not good for our farm so they went to live in a pond with lots of weeds to eat.

We have ducks again.  This time there is a male and a female.

I named them Lucy and Ricky.  Lucy has been laying eggs since the day we got her.

We put them in a separate run. They kept escaping which necessitated chasing them around the chicken yard. They get along fine with the chickens so we’ve just let them cohabitate.

I do have to search for the duck eggs among the hen eggs now.

The other problem is they make a mess of the chicken waterers.  I’m not sure how they do It but there is now a layer of mud in each chicken waterer every day.

I was really frustrated by this today and then I found a beautiful purple feather.  Then I found another one.

It turns out Ricky has purple feathers under the black ones.

It makes me smile.  I guess we’ll keep these ducks for a while.