A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

We recently hatched duck eggs on Miller Farm. When Beekeeper Brian set the eggs, the world was a much different place.  He was going to work and I was teaching music at school.  Now we are sheltering in place and having lots of video meetings.

The ducks provide a welcome distraction.

At first there were five and they all looked like Cayuga ducklings which would have come from Lucy and Ricky, our two grown ducks.

They all snuggled with the stuffed cat.

It reminded me of the children’s book Are You My Mother?

Then two more hatched two days later. And just as Brian was ready to clean out the incubator, one more hatched.

We call him Leo the Late Bloomer from another children’s book. He’s gray and yellow and came from eggs we got from a friend.

I put water in for them to drink but, being ducks, they play in it.

The one with the yellow beak also has yellow feet which are a stark contrast to the black legs. They are really fun to watch.

Anytime I get discouraged or worried, I go watch the ducklings. It’s duck therapy and it works really well.