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It has been a while since I’ve talked about the ducks and they are feeling neglected. In fact, someone asked me this weekend how many ducks we have and I couldn’t give an exact count.

I have since counted and there are fifteen ducks.

Part of the challenge to knowing how many ducks we have is that we have hatched two different sets of eggs and sold four ducks to a friend so the number is in constant flux. But yesterday I moved the final ducklings out with the big ducks and so they are all together – for now.

I used the travel cage to move them, put them in the duck yard, and opened the door to the cage.

As expected, they huddled in the corner, terrified.

The bigger ducks were also terrified and ran to the opposite side of the yard.

Eventually, they realized that they were all ducks and had nothing to fear from each other.

Minimus Dachsamus, on the other hand, has to be watched diligently.