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I started using a planner a couple of years ago. It is a weekly planner with room to make lists on every day.

I confess, I am one of those people who writes things I have already done on the list just so I can cross them off.

This year I chose one with a boring cover. I never see the cover anyway. I always keep it open to the current week.planner

At least I thought I did.

This year I was a little late getting the planner. I didn’t really need to keep lists during the holidays so I forgot all about having a planner – until school started. Then I needed to write things down.

So I opened the planner and started writing things down. All was fine until we started discussing which day of the week was actually Valentine’s Day. I looked at my planner and then realized I was not only in the wrong month but was actually in the wrong year.

My planner is a 16th month planner. It starts in August 2015 a fact I totally missed until nearly the middle of February.

Oh, well, at least I was making lists and crossing things off. Of course I could do that on notebook paper and ditch planners altogether.


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  1. Given that information I am quite sure I could never captain a ship. I have enough trouble running Miller Farm even when I do make lists on the correct day, month and year 🙂 Glad to know there are others running through life crazily.

  2. I make copious notes and then lose them. Sigh, life is hard for right brainers.

    A captain in the navy carries a small notebook called his wheel book, named, I assume, for the wheel house, the control center of a ship. As he notices things that need to be attended to he jots them down and consequently nothing is forgotten or overlooked. Probably a very important thing on a ship.

    I think of this as the primary difference. He runs a completely self-contained crazy world by careful attention to detail. I run around crazily looking for my notes.

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