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A friend recently invited me to a luncheon where she served the most wonderful sandwiches.  She also served a quinoa salad, dried fruit and a broccoli salad. However, the sandwiches caught everyone’s attention.

There were three kinds of sandwich fillings including a pineapple salad. Each sandwich was cut in half diagonally and then the cut part was dipped in nuts.  As we enjoyed the meal, she explained that she had been served these sandwiches at another luncheon, but they had been cut into circles so there was no crust.

This led to a discussion about bread crusts and which families had members who regularly removed the crusts.

Then someone remarked they had recently seen crustless bread at our local store. It was not a particularly intellectually stimulating conversation but lovely nonetheless.

When I got home, I went to feed the chickens.  I had some random bread to give them along with their regular food.  As I shut the gate and headed back to the house I noticed something interesting:

crustThe chickens had left the bread crust.  Perhaps I should buy them crustless bread.