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After two glorious weeks in the mountains of Colorado, we have returned to the furnace of Texas. Every time I felt cold while in Colorado, I would soak it in hoping to recapture the feeling when I was back at home.  It isn’t working.

We actually haven’t reached 100 degrees yet but the heat index has been well over 100.  That means it feels really, really hot.

For us humans, we stay inside where the air is cool. The poor chickens are stuck outside.  I refuse to put an AC unit in the coop.  There are plenty of trees and the temperature is much cooler in the shade.   But it is still hot.

Rachel read in a chicken forum that running a sprinkler in the chicken yard will cool the ground which in turn cools the air.  Makes sense to me.  So we water the chicken yard – which has no grass.  We basically water the dirt.

wateringThe chickens love it.

They scratch around in the mud looking for bugs.  It is very entertaining for them and very entertaining for me.

Next to working jigsaw puzzles in Colorado, chicken watching is one of my favorite pastimes.