A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

One of the best parts of the music convention is the exhibit hall.  There are hundreds of booths with thousands of magical things.

Since it is for all levels of music teachers, there are fundraising ideas for bands, orchestras, and choirs, costume ideas for bands and color guards as well as fun things for elementary and preschool.

Each group has its own section, so I walk around the fundraising section getting samples of popcorn, fudge, and whatever else they offer.  Then I spend the rest of my time in the elementary section. There I can find instruments, puppets, books, bulletin board ideas, and many other things I didn’t know existed.

This year I added a finger puppet to my chicken collection:

I also look for a new instrument every year.  Keeping with the fowl theme, I found a shaker that sounds like a duck.

I actually bought two of these because….why not?

When I showed one of my sixth-grade girls my new things she said, “Mrs. Miller you are silly!”

Yes, yes I am, thank you very much!