By Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara

The chicks are finally big enough to join the big girls.

Rachel and I moved them one evening.  We found it works best if they spend the night in their new home and wake up thinking they had always been there.  The challenge comes in the evenings when they forget where they are supposed to roost for the night.  They all gathered by the fence separating the big girls from the bantams.

sweeping branchRachel found an effective way to encourage them to go into the coop.  She used a branch as a broom and “swept” them into the coop.

Actually they went around the coop and then some went in.  The rest would go back to their spot by the fence.

Rachel would “sweep” again and I would stand near the coop door to encourage the chicks to go in.  It took several tries but eventually we got all the chicks into the coop.

Rachel was gone this weekend so I took Beekeeper Brian out to help sweep the chickens.  They were all already in the coop.  I was thrilled.

I texted Rachel to let her know her chicken sweeping career was over.  She was not at all sad.