A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

The chicks at my school are growing quite nicely.  In fact, several of them have gone to their forever homes.  There were ten, however, who needed a place to stay last weekend.  I checked the schedule and Miller Farm and booked them into the brooder outside in the chicken yard.   It is plenty big enough and it is out of the way of any curious chickens or dogs or ducks.

I was a little concerned because their previous lodging had been indoors.  They did fine outside and will make the transition to their new outside coop very well.

Monday morning I put them back in the travel cage and set them on the ground while I gathered their bowl and feed.  The big chickens came to say goodbye.

I returned them to the grass outside the classroom.  Someone else is on chick duty during the week.

I believe one of the students is taking several home.  The rest will move into the chicken coop at the school – as soon as we build a raccoon-proof fence. That may take some time.  I understand raccoons are pretty smart.

Maybe I should make another reservation for the chicks at Miller Farm.