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8 07, 2022


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The custodian at my school has a special greeting for the students. It started as a handshake but transitioned into fist bumps with extra motions. The students always run to greet him when he walks through the class.

It is disruptive but I will sacrifice a few minutes of class time to encourage proper interactions with adults. Relationship skills are as important as singing skills in my mind.

Our grandson, Alex, has special greetings for us. Most of our interactions are on video calls. For Brian, Pawpaw, Alex likes to head bump, which is putting his forehead to the phone while Pawpaw does the same. We’re not sure where that started but it is now a part of every conversation.

For Grandma, it is a burp. This greeting has a story.

Alex is fascinated by trash trucks. This seems to be common among small boys. On one trip to the library, we read a book about a trash truck. After the truck collects all the garbage, it burps.

Of course, as I read the book, I had to demonstrate. Alex echoed back.

This has become our greeting.

I was meeting with a new piano student last week when Brian walked into the room with his phone. I heard “Grandma, Grandma!”  I took the phone and was greeted with “burp” to which I responded “burp.”

At one point in my life, I would have worried about the impression this made on my student. As I have gotten older, I have decided I am what I am and if seems strange to some, they can choose not to join my circle. It will be their loss. We have lots of fun.

1 07, 2022

Summer Plans

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A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I was in charge of watering the garden while my husband was out of town recently.  His instructions were to water it first thing in the morning so I drove to the garden one morning and started the water.

The ground was still wet from the evening dew and I wondered if it was really necessary to be watering at this time.As I watched the water spray, I thought about how hot it would be later in the afternoon.  The ground would quickly dry and the plants would wilt.  By watering early, the ground would be ready for the heat later in the day.

I have no idea if this is what actually happens but it brought to mind my summer plans.

As a teacher, my summers are much less hectic and I like to spend them reading, napping, and working on puzzles, maybe like storing up water in the soil.

Then when school starts back up, I am rested and ready to start the routine all over again.  When things get busy with lesson planning and programs, I can reach down into the “water” that I allowed to soak my soul during the summer and can withstand the “heat.”

That thought makes me feel much better about taking naps.

24 06, 2022

Moving Ducks

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

The ducks we hatched for a friend grew large enough to be moved to their new home.  This is no easy process.

First, the ducks had to be captured.

Rachel and I were able to accomplish this without being totally covered in mud.  The lack of rain right now is bad for plants but good for catching ducks.

Then we had to load them in the car.

Once at their new home, we had to convince them to go into the pond.

It is much bigger than the kiddie pool at our house.


Once they got in, they realized they could put their heads under and they had a great time.

As we left the ducks happily swimming in their new pond, I thought about how often I am reluctant to jump into something new.

Perhaps I should take a lesson from the ducks and just enjoy the experience.

17 06, 2022


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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Every year the principal at my school plants milkweed to attract Monarch butterfly caterpillars. He gives the speech about how fragile these caterpillars are and how everyone should look with their eyes and not touch them. If one happens to get on the sidewalk, students are to notify a teacher who will then safely move the caterpillar out of harm’s way.

The students do very well and each year we get to watch the Monarch butterflies emerge and fly away.

I must confess, that this whole process has become somewhat commonplace for me.  I don’t get nearly as excited as the students do about seeing the caterpillars.

However…. this week Rachel discovered a caterpillar on our parsley plant in OUR front flower bed.

This was very exciting! We figured out that it is an Anise Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillar. It disappeared at one point, and I was very sad.

Then this morning I checked and there were THREE caterpillars!!I told Rachel we were being invaded! Her response: At least they are pretty!

Yes, yes, they are.

This is an exciting invasion!

10 06, 2022

Refrigerator Art

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

For as long as I can remember, things of utmost importance have been put on the refrigerator. Artwork took a prominent place on the fridge. In fact, making refrigerator magnets out of felt was a common art project when I was growing up. I continued the tradition with our own kids.

As our children grew up, the fridge became a place to put things I did not want to lose. For example, the phone number for the exterminator, a school calendar, or appointment cards. I suppose it functions as a physical PDA (personal digital assistant). Most people keep all this information on their phones. It is much easier for me to keep track of my refrigerator.

I was looking at our refrigerator this week.I noticed the graduation announcement, the prayer cards for missionaries, the magnet of my favorite comedian, an encouraging card, favorite scriptures, a world map, and my blue ribbon from the State Fair of Texas, all things that make me smile.

The most recent addition is the artwork by Alex. His mom has an abundance of projects he has made in preschool and she offered to share. We chose the bluebonnets and the rainbow tree.

Once again, our fridge has artwork on it and that brings the biggest smile.

3 06, 2022

Ducks and Water Part 2

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

It is a well-known and documented fact that ducks like water. What I have discovered recently is that they prefer dirty water.

I regularly empty, clean out and refill the kiddie pool we use as a duck pond.  Now that we have added more ducks, I do this more regularly.  Ducks are very dirty. I’m beginning to think they like it that way.

Exhibit A:  Ducks sitting in the muddy overflow and leaving the nice clean pool completely empty.

Notice Cooper, Rachel’s dog, keeping an eye on the hose.  He likes to “help” me fill the duck pond and prefers clean water.  He grabs it straight from the nozzle as I carry the hose back to the house.

The ducks are very entertaining.  A friend says they sound like they are laughing.  I do believe, however, that dogs are smarter.

27 05, 2022

Center of the Universe

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This is the curl in the back of my grandson’s hair and for the last week, it has been the center of the universe.

A universe I was part of for his last week as an only child, the last days where the earth revolved around him.

He was blissfully unaware of the fact that he would soon become a big brother.

I played the part of doting Grandma well. We had fruit snacks for breakfast making it the best day ever.

Until the trash truck came just as we arrived home after a grocery pickup.




We played in water and drew with chalk. (He may be a lefty which thrills his great grandfather)




We blew bubbles (notice the freshly bathed fire truck) and went to the library.

It was a fantastic week!

Then his life changed. The universe got bigger with one baby brother.  It was nice while it lasted. Now Alex will learn that the center of the universe is big enough for two boys – at least in Grandma’s eyes.

13 05, 2022

Favorite Sounds

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

For years, one of my favorite sounds has been the rustling of pages as people at church open their Bibles to find the passage being used in the sermon. Nowadays, many people use digital media for the Bibles so there is no sound. In fact, some preachers have gone from saying “Open your Bibles” to “open your Bible app.”

I am not a fan. I still use a physical Bible and rustle the pages.

This morning Beekeeper Brian and I were working at our plot in the community garden, and I discovered a new favorite sound.

It is the sound of the wind blowing through the corn stalks. We have planted several rows of corn along with squash, beans, and peppers.

As I was pulling the weeds from around the peppers, I heard the most wonderful rustling. I stood up to see the corn gently swaying in the breeze. It was a very peaceful sound that made me smile.

I considered making a video of it but I’ve discovered videos never quite look or sound like the real thing. Instead, I took a selfie with the corn to remind me of the moment.

I will be back to work in the garden. Weeds are relentless. I just can’t be guaranteed the wind will be blowing.

Fortunately, I have the sound of the corn stalks rustling recorded in my head. I smile each time I think of it.

29 04, 2022

Egg Hunt

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

The chicks I brought home from school last semester have started to lay.  I can tell by the smaller size of the eggs.

I can also tell by where they are laying.

Yesterday Beekeeper Brian found some eggs in an abandoned coop that is just outside the chicken yard.  It serves as a hiding place for chickens who find themselves on the wrong side of the fence and need to escape the dogs. I guess they feel more comfortable laying away from all the big hens.  It just means we get to have an egg hunt regularly.

22 04, 2022

New Pan of Awesomeness

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Our church meets in homes on Wednesday evenings. We eat dinner together and review Sunday’s sermon. At one time, I regularly brought our contribution to the meal in a particular 9×13 pan.

It became known as the “silver pan of awesomeness” because whatever I brought in it was loved by all.

I have had the pan for so long that I can’t remember where I got it. It is old enough to have pinholes appear in the bottom so I must line it with aluminum foil to prevent the contents from dripping out the holes.

I didn’t mind doing this for a long while. After all, it was the “silver pan of awesomeness!”

At a recent Pampered Chef party I hosted, I received enough hostess reward points to replace my silver pan. I had to think about it long and hard but I finally chose a new pan.

I made Chocolate Bit Bars in the new pan and they were awesome. I can officially call this the “turquoise pan of awesomeness.”

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