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Our grandsons came to visit this weekend. (They brought their parents with them.)  They hadn’t been to visit since Christmas so we were very excited.  So were they.  At least Alex was excited.  When we talked on the phone a couple of weeks ago and mentioned the visit, he immediately went to get his sock and shoes on.  He thought they were leaving immediately.

They drove in on a Friday evening and went straight to Aunt Rachel’s house.  They came to Grandma and Pawpaw’s on Saturday morning.  While Theo took a nap, Alex and I walked to a nearby parking lot where a fire engine was parked while the firefighters did some training.

I’m not sure which was more exciting for Alex – the fire truck or the puddles along the way.






When we got home, we baked a birthday cake for Pawpaw.

Theo wanted to help, too.


Then we met more family at a nearby restaurant that had a great outdoor space for the boys.

Sunday, I introduced Alex to my new instrument – a tongue drum. He was very excited.

After lunch, they loaded up and headed home.  Alex was asleep before they got out of the neighborhood.

Grandma was not far behind.