Blog Anniversary

1 Year Blog Anniversary dates my blog origin from its creation, but I count the first blog I published as the beginning.

That was February 24, 2012, which makes today, February 24 2013, my one year blog anniversary. HAPPY FIRST BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY to me.

It’s been a fun year.

Anniversaries mark accomplishments. Today I’m celebrating 4,200 views, 425 comments, twenty shares, and many blog friends.

My original plan was to blog every day. I managed less than one hundred. You can read that very first blog, here.

No procrastination for me next year, I plan to double the number of posts, which, I hope, will mean more comments and followers.

As a special thank you for sharing in my successes, I’m offering a FREE Kindle or Nook copy of THE PENDANT’S PROMISE to one lucky commenter today.

The book blurb:

For twenty years, Lily Johnson’s life, albeit a life of lies, is good. Then her daughter falls in love and her world is turned upside down.

Her daughter’s fiancé turns out to be the godson of her daughter’s biological father–the Green Beret Lily thought died in Vietnam.

When they meet face-to-face, the years melt away and old passion returns. Only he believes she betrayed her promise to wait for him. And, Lily’s convinced revealing the truth would mean losing her daughter and the only man she’s ever loved.

Can the smoldering flame of love be re-ignited, or have there been too many lies?

The winner will be drawn on Monday, February 25th and notified by email so be sure you include an email contact with your comment.

Thanks for visiting the front porch during the past year. I hope to see you again next year.


19 Comments on “Blog Anniversary

  1. Thanks, Ellen. I have a backlog of unfinished blog ideas that I really need to work through and schedule. If it weren’t for the scheduling option, I’d be posting less frequently.

  2. Congratulations on a year of blogging. I think 100 posts for the year is great going! I struggle to be both regular and frequent too.

  3. Happy Anniversary Judythe! Congratulations on a terrific year of blogging. I’m looking forward to your posts this year too! 😉

  4. Happy Anniversary! Good work this year, and all the best for next 😉

    • Thanks, Mike. I haven’t forgotten about the Next Big Thing. It’s just the next big thing in my world turned out to be four busted pipes in our mountain home. We’re deep in recovery/repair mode. I’ll be posting my writing next big thing once all that’s under control. Your support of my blog is much appreciated.

  5. Congrats on a year of blogging, Judythe! That’s no small task. Cheers to another successful year and the growth of your blog.

  6. I entered a 2/3 paragraph reply and now it is gone! If I were a computer tech like my BB I would not keep going in circles. Pah! Not going to do it again. Keep blogging Judy. I enjoy reading you and The C.W.

    • Both comments have shown up. Crazy cybersapce gremlins love playing with us un-techies!

      I love looking at your projects either on FB or your blog (when you blog). You’ve a gift for taking scraps and making treasures.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. I was happy to find you again on FB. I had no idea when we were in the same church (and your hubby sang in my husbands quartet) that you were so talented.

    When I first started blogging I think that is the address, I used to think often of things to blog. Now, I find it just takes away from what I want to accomplish in my sewing room, yarn room and TV room where I always have something on needles going.

    I so very much enjoy your blogs and The C.W. Keep writing. Someday I will read one of your books.

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