A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Our neighbors, who also have chickens and ducks, have a privacy fence.  It was erected by the previous owners when their real estate agent convinced them no one would buy a house next to chickens. Obviously, this was not true.

Anyway, chickens have regularly gotten themselves caught between the two fences.  I have, on several occasions, climbed between the fences to rescue them.  After getting multiple scratches and tearing several pairs of pants, I stopped retrieving chickens.

They got themselves into that spot. They could get themselves back out.

Recently, Beekeeper Brian discovered a collection of eggs between the fences. I thought perhaps my wayward, nameless chicken had laid them. But that was not the case.  It was one of the neighbor’s ducks.

I heard the kids outside one afternoon and hollered over the fence to tell them about the eggs. Being smaller and more agile than me, they were able to retrieve them.

I guess we won’t have ducklings living between the fences.