Bees and Bluebonnets

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Being true Texans, Beekeeper Brian and I have bluebonnets in our yard.  These came from seeds handed out at the funeral of Brian’s step mother.  Each year the patch gets larger.  It makes me smile.

This year Brian noticed the bees on the bluebonnets.  He watched as the flowers opened what seemed like a doorway to allow the bee to collect pollen.  It was fascinating.

He was able to get some great pictures. (Did I mention Brian has a degree in photography from the Art Institute of Houston?)  He is a man of many talents!   The only thing better than bluebonnets in our yard is our own bees on the bluebonnets.


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    • We actually have bee hives in the chicken yard. The bees and chickens have an agreement. The chickens agree not to eat the bees and the bees agree not to sting the chickens. It is working well so far.

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