ASL Merry Christmas

My second language is American Sign Language (ASL). No, I’m not deaf. I fell in love with the language of the deaf through one of my best friends in high school whose parents were deaf.

Christmas carols and songs are such fun in sign language. Today I wanted to share via that language.

Join along with the Deaf Direct in Worcester, signing a familiar Christmas carol:

For fun:

And lastly, my wish for you on this Christmas Eve:


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  1. Do you remember (of course you do) ASL being taught at Candlewood Baptist in Danbury? Becky went on with it when we moved to AZ. She is a pro signer now. Doesn’t do much of it anymore. Had to retire because of health problems but still is a…can’t think of the name…goes occasionally to critic other ASL people where her husband works. She does a beautiful job with the skill. One time when we still lived in Scottsdale Becky and family came to visit for Christmas. A young lady was to interpret for her husband and his family. Christmas. Family there for first time. Becky could see that the young woman was nervous interpreting in front of his family so she ask if the young lady would like to sit in the congregation and enjoy the Christmas service and Becky would do the job for her. I was ask later if Becky also had a musical background (of course) because she does such a lovely job.

    • Thanks for stopping by Catherine. Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas Eve. (I did sign that, I just didn’t turn on the video. LOL)

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