A Blog By Chicken Wrangler Sara

Rachel has worked as a personal assistant for a woman named Jane who is visually impaired and has somewhat limited mobility.  Rachel takes her the places she needs to go and helps her around the house.  Last April Rachel and I took her to see the Texas Tenors for her birthday.  Jane enjoys music very much and in fact we sit together at Bible Study so I can sing alto to her soprano when we sing the hymns.

Before we even went to our seats, I stopped at the merchandise table.  This is usually a bad idea but in this case there was a newly published children’s book entitled Ruckus on the Ranch.  It was a gift we could all enjoy.It tells the story of two horses, Wyatt and Ruby, running amuck on a ranch being chased by all the farm animals as well as the cowboy and cowgirl.  They eventually get tired and lay down to rest.  All is quiet until… Wyatt gets stung by a bumble bee.

Of course, there is a song sung by the Texas Tenors that goes with the book.  At the part where all is quiet, the three men sing “Oh what a peaceful ranch” in beautiful harmony. It is my favorite part not only for the music but also because when I play it in my music class, all the kids lay quietly.

Then when Wyatt gets stung, they all jump up and start galloping around again.  It is the perfect song for when the classes need to get some energy out – like the month of May.  It also gives me a workout as I gallop around with them.

Sometimes on Miller Farm the chickens run amuck.  Then I put food out and they all get quiet. In that moment I hear in my head “Oh what a peaceful ranch” and hope no one gets stung by a bee.