A Three Shirt Day

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Wednesday was a three-shirt day. It started out fine.  I made it through five classes and lunch with a clean shirt.

Then I decided a cold drink from Starbucks sounded great so I mobile ordered, but my card didn’t have enough money. I tried to add money but couldn’t remember my password.

After several attempts I gave up and went home. There was coffee in the fridge so I just added chocolate milk to make my own iced mocha.  In the process I splashed coffee down the front of shirt number 1.

I changed shirts and went to the high school to pick up Bill. On the way I dumped coffee down the front of shirt number 2.

Fortunately, the skirt I was wearing had many colors so I was able to find shirt number 3 to match so I could look a little professional as I taught piano lessons.

Today was Happy Hour at Starbucks.  I was able to reset my password and reload my card.  Bill and I got cherry mochas after school.

I am also happy to report there is no coffee on the front of my shirt today. There may be chicken footprints on the back.


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