A blog to life with Beekeeper Brian on our wedding anniversary

By Chicken Wrangler Sara

sara Brian cakeCTwenty-seven years ago today, Beekeeper Brian married Chicken Wrangler Sara. At the time they were just Brian and Sara and no one would have ever been able to predict where their lives would go.

They were married in Houston and lived in a second floor apartment near downtown.  Brian worked part time in a bank and went to school while Sara taught elementary school music.  There were no chickens, dogs, lizards, bees or living creatures of any kind sharing the apartment.  It was very quiet.

Then they moved to Denton where Brian could pursue his Masters degree.  While in Denton, they purchased their first home but still had no chickens, dogs, lizards or bees – at least not on purpose.  The quiet continued until the birth of their first child.

For the next 20 years, there would be no quiet. Soon there were two girls, but still no animals.

Their next home was in Canton – home of the world’s largest flea market.  Life was simple, even after a third child was born – a boy.

After six months of simple, the Miller family moved to Mexico City, Mexico to a fourth floor apartment in a building with no elevators. Sara has vowed to never have stairs in her house again.  Life was slightly more complicated, but still included no animals. Brian did woodworking while Sara helped with Bible Studies.  The kids played, as they would have wherever they lived.

Two years later they returned to the US and have lived in Bryan for the past 15 years.  This is where life has become interesting.  It all started with one dog – Marv.  He was soon joined by another dog – Sugar.  They lived outside.

When Rachel was in kindergarten, her teacher gave her a guinea pig.  The whole family was enamored and before long they were breeding and showing guinea pigs (which fall into the rabbit category). Gradually the guinea pigs died off and were replaced by a Leopard Gecko named Casey.

In true Miller fashion, Brian built an incubator and began a breeding colony of leopard geckos. The Millers don’t do things half-heartedly.  The reptile period also included a bearded dragon named “B”.  After a while, the geckos and incubator went to a graduate student and B finally died.

The dachshunds came next. Brian worked with a woman who bred dachshunds and before long there were four living at the Miller house.  Life at the Miller’s was definitely not quiet.

Then began the chicken phase. Brian put a fence in the middle of the back yard to keep the dogs and chickens separate.  Over the next five years, Miller Farm has provided much entertainment leading to the Chicken Wrangler Sara blog.

The bees started as a hive in a tree in the front yard.  While most people would call an exterminator, Brian researched and decided this was the perfect time to realize his dream of keeping bees.  His dedication to his craft has earned him the title Beekeeper Brian.

There has never been a dull moment in the Miller House. Even as the children go off to college, there is plenty of activity.  Beekeeper Brian is a renaissance man who gives the same devotion to everything he does – including his marriage.  After 27 years, life is just as exciting and we have much to anticipate.

Sara and Brian wedding 1CI love you, Beekeeper Brian, and I can’t wait to see what you do next.