As a writer, I spend hours at my desk. These days too many jobs require much of the work day to be spent sitting in an office at a computer.

exerciseThat’s a problem because, to be fit and healthy, we have to get moving, to exercise.

The web offers lots of advice on exercise. Problem with most of those website suggestions is they involve going somewhere to exercise. We’re stuck at a desk all day!

The ideas are also excellent if you live in a warm climate. Not so easy if you live in the mountains of the Rio Grande Forest.These days my Fitbit step goals remain unmet.

Once the temperature rises above freezing and the snow melts, I do participate in many outdoors activities. The forest outside my office window calls to me frequently. Sometimes, too frequently.

Even in the winter months, my two four-legged children demand to go outside. Unfortunately,  the sub-zero temperatures are just not inviting enough for us to linger outside. Our ventures out doors are short. Very short. Other times road conditions make getting to a gym or indoor pool or even walking impossible and our trips outdoors are even shorter.

So how do I get exercise these cold winter days? I follow the advice of Josh Vogt, fantasy and freelance writer, in his Write Strong series on fitness strategies for writers. Most of which are readily adaptable to any desk job. You don’t have to be a writer.

I use these three ways to keep in shape:

barbells1. Keep weights on my desk. During breaks or while I’m reading on the computer, I pick up the weights and do some basic arm lifts.stretch
2. Stash resistance bands in a desk drawer. Quick and easy way to do simple resistance training.
3. Stand and stretch. I find it helps refocus and gives an energy bump.

If none of these suggestions works for you, check out Vogt’s other strategies here.

Or develop your own fitness plan using this online fitness plan generator that lets you input your skill level, available gear and time and the part of the body you want to focus on.

Whatever it takes — get moving! You’ll find you’ll be healthier and more productive.