A Guest Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

One afternoon this week, I heard a great ruckus out back.

I ignored the barking dogs and cackling chickens for a while but then decided to see what was happening and looked out the kitchen window and saw Sadie (one of the dachshunds) barking at the front of the shed. The chickens were all standing in the middle of the chicken yard fussing at her.

That was all well and good until I heard Bella barking from an undisclosed location. This was not good because she has recently taken to going under the shed .

I headed outside to find her.

Before I saw Bella, I spotted the infamous white hen under the shed.

I’m not sure how she got there as we have put chicken wire around the bottom facing the chicken yard to prevent this.

I figured Bella was approaching from the other side of the shed so the race was on – who would get to the hen first, me or Bella?


I quickly stepped into the chicken yard and reached over the chicken wire for the wayward hen. Success!

Chicken Wrangler 1, Bella 0.

Next I had to coax Bella out from under the shed – a much harder job.

When I went out later to check eggs this is what I found:


That silly chicken had laid an egg under the shed. This is the same chicken who regularly lays eggs in the abandoned beehive.

Fortunately, the chicken wire is only about two feet high so I was able to reach over it and under the shed to retrieve the egg.

Today when I went to check eggs the white chicken was actually in the nest box. I wish I’d had my camera!

I reached under hoping to find an egg but no luck. Oh well, at least she knows where the nest box is now.