A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

My love/hate relationship with the turkeys continues.

For a while, Tom was roosting in the chicken coop.  Every night for several nights, I moved him to the turkey yard to be with Tina.  One night he was particularly aggravated by this and kicked and screamed like a toddler.  I wrangled him into the turkey yard with Tina and went inside.

An hour later Rachel looked at me and said, “Mom did you know you have a huge hole in your shirt?”

I looked down and there were actually several holes in my favorite denim shirt.

Fortunately, Tom’s obviously sharp claws had not made contact with my skin.  My broken ankle remains the only injury sustained thus far.

Fortunately for him, Tom has become quite handsome so I extend him a great deal of grace – as long as he causes no bodily harm.