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I believe I mentioned in last week’s post that turkeys are not very smart. This is only half true.  They are smart enough to figure out how to get out of their pen but not smart enough to get back in.

This would not be a problem except that once the sun sets, they like to be in the coop with the chicks. Sunday night, one of the turkeys was on the wrong side of the fence and was quite distressed.  I felt sorry for it and tried to catch it and return it to the proper pen.

The chickens like to burrow in the dust and leave holes throughout the chicken yard.  These holes are hard to see when the sun sets.  One is in a particularly treacherous location, and I have thought many times that I should fill it in.

This has not yet happened.

Sunday night, I found the hole while I was trying to catch the wayward turkey.  I stepped in it and sprained my ankle.  I heard the pop as I fell to the ground.  I knew I was in trouble.ankleBeekeeper Brian returned the wayward turkey to the coop and then took Monday off work to take me to the doctor. The X-ray showed no break so I’m using crutches this week in the hopes that I can go without them next week.  The kids at school are being very helpful.

At least I have a good story to tell when people ask what happened.  And I will definitely enjoy the turkey next Thanksgiving.