Okay so that’s more than one word, but I saw this neat graphic on writerswriter.com and had to share.

Living with a writer is not easy. Or maybe I should say, living with writer me is not easy.

I spend most of my time sequestered away in an imaginary world. My mind is always plotting the next story. I talk about people I’ve created as though they existed.

It’s a different world. A solitary world. I think these tips are useful.  That’s why I’m sharing.

10 tips for living with a writer

My husband says, from his perspective, #5 is the most critical. In fact, his tip advice would be NEVER interrupt a writer at work…the results are not pleasant. (He’s learned from experience!)

I’ve heard Nora Roberts say she told her two children during the summer not to interrupt unless there was blood or fire and, when they got older, it had to be arterial blood and an active fire.

If you have young ones around, Geek Mom offers Ten Allowable Reasons for Interrupting Mom Check it out. You’ll enjoy the creativity.

YOUR TURN: Which of these tips would you say is most important? Or what tip would you add?