The Year of the Rooster

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According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. I normally don’t pay attention to these things, but we have a Chinese student living with us so I am trying to broaden my cultural horizons.

My celebration began early with a gift from a friend. sweaterI love it!

Then Rachel and I were out shopping and saw a Doodle Doo sink strainer. Like the sweater – it was one of kind. sink-strainerNow every time I do the dishes, I am greeted with a cheerful chicken.sinkAll this and 2017 is not even a week old yet! I’m anticipating a wonderful Year of the Rooster.


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  1. My neighbor has the cutest rooster. It’s slick black with a hat that looks like something a Cossack would wear. I wonder if the hens find him as attractive as I do.

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