A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

The latest flock of chicks moved outside a couple of weeks ago. Being small and unaccustomed to the outside world, they were perfect prey for the hawk.

Rachel soon found the hawk in the chick yard helping itself to an unsuspecting chick. She chased it off, but it returned to kill one more chick and carry another away.

This did not set well with Rachel. She set up sentry watch outside for several hours to keep the hawk away.  She realized this was not a permanent solution as she was unwilling to sleep out in the yard.

She put the word out on the backyard chicken forum. Crazy chicken ladies tend to stick together.  She was soon offered poultry netting which she quickly retrieved and installed. The chicks are now safe. Of course filling the feeder and waterer is a little more complicated. Fortunately, the netting is very flexible so I only have to duck a little, but it does mess up my hair.

Yet another reason I get dressed after letting the chickens out.