New Chicken Wrangler Skills

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Penelope, Rachel’s dachshund, spent the night with us this weekend which meant I had to keep an eye on our wayward chicken.

I didn’t want to put her in a separate cage so I just held her whenever Penelope was outside. She didn’t mind at all and in fact, she talked to me the whole time.

I decided to clean one of the nest boxes which was particularly disgusting.  It happened to have a chicken in it but that didn’t stop me.  With a chicken in one hand, I carefully moved that mess out of the occupied nest box and replaced it with clean shavings.  As I was carefully working around the stubborn hen, I wondered if perhaps this is what it is like for nurses who change sheets with a person still in the bed.

As soon as the nest box was clean, the hen moved to the dirty one next to it.  They do have bird brains.

PS I do not have a pet chicken but if I did, what should I name it?