My Potting Bench Helper

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Recently someone offered to let me dig seedlings from their white althea or what my daddy called Rose of Sharon.

The one in my yard is purple .

A white flower would complement it and the pink Confederate roses nicely.



I gathered my bucket and shovel and off I went. When I got home, I immediately potted the seedlings.

This fellow appeared to help me.

He’d been hiding under the potting soil bag and hopped to the wall.

I wasn’t surprised. We have a pond and often see—and hear the croaking. They serenade us nightly. Loudly.

Only those on the back porch and around the flower beds are brown. We call them toads. This was the first bright green I’d seen.

So, was this fellow a young toad yet to turn brown or a green frog?

That question led to a Goggle rabbit hole that consumed an hour. I learned more stuff about toads vs frogs than I will ever need to know.

I’ll save you some time. Here’s a chart explaining the difference.

Upon close examination, I’ve decided my potting helper was a frog. Do you agree?