Beekeeper Rachel

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Our neighbor called a couple of weeks ago to tell me there were bees in their driveway and wondered if they could be ours.

I’m not quite sure how we could identify them, but we certainly would encourage them to come to our house.

Beekeeper Brian was out of town, so he started explaining to me what to do. He sent me the following picture with the message – “there is the queen.”


I had no idea what he meant so Rachel stepped in.

She knew exactly what to look for. Brian gave her directions and she put on a hat and gloves and “swept up the bees hoping to get the queen.”

I just stayed out of the way and took pictures.

Eventually we – that is Rachel – got the bees into a nuc (nucleus hive) and let them settle in.

I am very glad our neighbors do not mind having such interesting people living next door.

In fact, they were fascinated by the whole process and even covered the hive that night to keep the bees warm.

Rachel has earned her Beekeeper title. I’ll stick to documenting the excitement.