10 07, 2015

Bee “keeping”?

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A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

One afternoon this spring, I got a call from Beekeeper Brian on his way home from work asking if I would make a phone call. I must confess this seemed too easy of a task. He asked me to call a local restaurant and ask if they had a swarm in a tree in their parking lot. Ok, sure.

I called and talked to the manager and sure enough there was a swarm in a tree in their parking lot. The manager did say he had already talked to one beekeeper that could not come get it immediately but would contact a fellow beekeeper. I told him the fellow beekeeper is my husband Beekeeper Brian. It is a tight knit community – this group of beekeepers.

bee boxesSo Brian came home, put on his bee suit, got his bee boxes and went to get some bees. He returned an hour later with a box of bees, including the queen, and a $30 gift card to the restaurant. He put the BOB (box of bees) on the back porch. It was a successful trip for everyone.

The next day Rachel noticed a lot of commotion in the back yard.

Apparently the new bees were not happy with their new home. They swarmed to a tree in our back yard.

Brian put out a bee trap to entice them back into a hive. In case you were wondering, bees are attracted to the scent of lemon grass. They went into the box for a while. Then they left again.

tree hiveThey were back in the tree in a different spot. We stood in the yard looking at them for a while. Then Brian decided to let them” be”. “Bees are going to do what bees are going to do” he said.

So the name “beekeeper” is really a misnomer. You can’t “keep” bees. You can only invite them to come make honey in your bee box. Sometimes they oblige.


6 09, 2013

Hen in a Hive – Miller Farm Friday

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A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

The first thing I saw when walking out to get eggs last week was a chicken’s head coming up out of an empty bee hive box like a Jack-in-the-box.

I guess you could call it a “Hen-in-a-hive.”

Of course, I didn’t have my phone/camera with me, and I was unable to coax her back into the hive when I came back out with a camera.

The next day when I went out to get the eggs, I carried my phone. I asked for volunteers, but no one raised their wing.

I didn’t worry. I knew eventually the hen would be going back in the hive because every day there is at least one egg in there.eggs in hive

It is always a white egg, which means it came from a white chicken.

Lest you think you understand chickens and eggs, green eggs do not come from green chickens nor do blue eggs come from blue chickens. Color coordination only works with the white eggs and white leghorn hens.

Speaking of the white leghorn hen, you may remember this is the hen who took us on the great “Chicken Hunt.” That’s why I was unable to catch her to put her in the hive for a picture. She’s the escape artist!

Then yesterday I saw her head coming out of the hive again.  This time I ran inside to get my phone.

hen in hivePoor thing! She’s one confused hen.

But as Beekeeper Brian pointed out, at least she is laying her eggs in our yard.