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We currently have two groups of chicks in our chicken yard.  We have those who were hatched by Olivia (see last week’s blog) and those who were purchased from our local feed and supply store.

The purchased chicks are light Brahmas and spent time in a brooder before being released into the yard.

Rachel dipped each of their beaks in the water when she put first brought them home. We gave them food and let them grow big enough to join the other chickens. The term “light” refers to their color not their size.  Eventually these hens will weigh 9 lbs.

There is an interesting contrast between the chicks.

Olivia’s chicks follow her around.  The Brahmas, however, follow Rachel or me around.  We put the chick feed down and stand over the chicks while they eat to make sure the big hens don’t bully them out of their food.brooding chicks

I suppose Rachel and I are acting as surrogate mother hens.

That’s not a bad thing to have on a resume.