St. Paddy Day Book Sale

Annie Foster remains in Ireland after boarding school to nanny a widower’s infant daughter. Five years later, she accepts the widower’s marriage proposal.

 Her first love Chad Jones, whom she believed deserted her, arrives on an undercover assignment weeks before the wedding investigating her fiancé’s connection with terrorists. Chad’s determined to change Annie’s mind and her heart because he’s never stopped loving her.

Annie is torn between the man she’ll always love and the young daughter of her fiancé whom she’s promised never to abandon. Who will claim her heart?

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2 Comments on “St. Paddy Day Book Sale

  1. Bought it! Thanks for the sale. I look forward to snugging down with a good read and a cup of coffee in my Irish mug. I’m not up to Irish tea.

    Thanks for the book from my favorite author.

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