If you’ve ever heard me speak, you know I mispronounce many words.

Especially AUTHOR, which comes out like Arthur. It’s very sad because I am an author.

Not on purpose, of course.

When I speak at events like book clubs or conferences, I always explain. Pronunciation is my speech impediment, among other learning disabilities.

You see, I was born in Texas, moved to Alabama, and started school in Mississippi. There are no short vowels in my vocabulary!

I never learned phonetics.

Working with a speech therapist hasn’t improved my speech. I do try, but those funny little pronunciations creep in.

All this only complicates my world when I write. If you can’t pronounce a word, spelling it becomes a nightmare.

Sometimes, even my spell checker gives up. The options choices Dictionary.com offers are hilarious most times.

Thanks to Steve Laube Agency’s Fun Friday blog for making me feel better about with this fun video.