We spent last week in Houston, Texas where an uncharacteristic winter ice storm came through.

The whole city shut down. Southerners know how to sweat. Not slip, skate, and slide.

My experience is that’s true of ice and rain! Rain leads to flooding in Houston. Ice and snow cause frozen freeway ramps. Houston drivers handle neither very well.

Winter storm weather is our norm in Colorado, but Texans just aren’t trained for it. Actually, they are disastrous at it, if the broadcasts from traffic cams testified.

It was COLD. I have to give them that. I’d forgotten how the humidity makes thirty degrees feel like -30. I spent the entire time shivering.

Friends and family questioned how I managed the cold in our Colorado mountains.

Simple: Dry cold. Road equipment to clear the ice and snow. And a roaring fire!

Lots of people in the southern states and east coast have been shivering for weeks now while we watch our November snowstorm that dropped 20″ of snow evaporate. Go figure!

So if you’re shivering today, stay warm.

If you’re a writer, don’t let the shivers keep you from the keyboard. Bundle up, grab a mug of hot chocolate and let the words blaze.

icy typewriter