Our driveway is long. Very long. It also has a killer S curve.

We noticed it when we looked at the house. But, there was so much to love about the property with the yard and interior we decided it wouldn’t be a problem.

The length wasn’t an issue for my husband because he’s an expert backer-upper.

Me, backing is not my strongest driving skill. We won’t go into details.

Instead of letting the view when pulling out of the garage paralyze me. I came up with a plan.

I’d back partway out, pull forward to the side yard and turn around with a short backup so I could head out instead of going backwards the killer distance.

That worked well until two things changed.

One, I started driving alone more. When we’re together, hubby drives and backs down the demon path while I sit in awe of his skill.

Second, a wet, wet fall and winter mean the side yard is rarely dry. My solution of turning around to drive out forward doesn’t work so well. I’m executing a tire-twisting maneuver on the soaked, soggy ground. The ruts are growing. I’m making a mess of the side yard.

Not good. Not good at all. I’m being forced to learn to navigate the killer driveway in reverse.

I inch backward. Very slowly. Pulling forward and adjusting for those silly curves.

It takes a good ten or fifteen minutes. I have to allow extra time whenever I’m going out on my own.

My husband assures me with practice I’ll get better. Maybe even someday be as good as he is. I have my doubts.

At least I haven’t hit the big pine tree yet.