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One of my favorite breeds of chickens is the frizzle. We started with one black bantam frizzle hen named Frizz. black frizzle

She has always had quite an attitude.  In fact when Rachel tried to include her in the color project by putting her into a separate coop, she refused to stay put.  She would rather run with the big hens.

whiteWe now have a white bantam frizzle rooster named Richard.

He has his own personality.  He is in a separate run with silky hen.  Rachel is trying to produce a silky frizzle, otherwise known as a sizzle. It hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway, each evening when I go to close the chickens up in their coops, Richard is less than cooperative.  In fact, he often protests so loudly, Rachel comes to make sure the chickens are not under attack.  He may fly into the next coop or out into the yard.

Eventually I catch him, hold him tightly, stroke his frizzle feathers and explain that I am not going to hurt him.  He just needs to spend the night safely in his coop.

Last week he actually let me put him up without the traditional squawking and loop around the chicken yard. Maybe he is calming down.  But then is there really such a thing as a calm frizzle?