Good word RUSH.

Lately, I have not been rushing. Taking a two week trip through England, Scotland, and Ireland has a way of slowing your pace.

I like the idea of not rushing, of accomplishing things on my to-do list without the sense of urgency and rushing.

That’s why I’m posting later today than usual. I didn’t RUSH to get a blog out there.

According to the definition I found on, it could be a wise thing not to RUSH. The first definition is: to move, act, or progress with speed, impetuosity, or violence

I certainly don’t want to move with impetuosity or with violence. My daddy always said, “Haste makes waste. Slow down.”

Okay, I know all of those words weren’t original with Daddy, but the older I get the wiser his words become. There is no need to RUSH.

I love this quote from Dave’s Words of Wisdom:

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Of course, there are times when it’s necessary to RUSH. Times when we must proceed with speed, but for the remainder of today, unless you’re in one of those situations, don’t RUSH.

Slow down.

See if things don’t get done anyway.