One Word Wednesday – AUTHOR

AUTHOR – the word conjures many images.


So how do you recognize an author?

My friend and multipublished author Joan Reeves created this fabulous video about how to recognize an author.



4 Comments on “One Word Wednesday – AUTHOR

  1. Great video ladies. It is true, especially the pajamas thing! Shower and back into a clean pair. Why waste time ~~Emmly Jane

  2. Thanks for sharing, Judythe and Joan. Love the video. I live this life everyday. Sadly, I have 2 closets filled with my formerly corporate wardrobe, which I NEVER even poke my face into. I have some Spanx-like pantyhose in the drawer, which remain unopened. My life is more about my family, my friends and my writing and I can manage all this in my baggy shorts, tee shirt and Birks. Yay, me. *hugs*

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