Machines that do repetitious jobs using AI are manpower savers. Industry has employed robots for years.

As a longtime Star Wars fan, robots and droids fascinate me. I love watching these guys.

Back in my elementary school teaching days, I taught a robotics unit where we designed robots with Legos and wrote essays about the robot’s use. No automation, but each design had to have a purpose.

The kids loved the designing part…hated the writing part.

Legos advanced to motorized remote control robot kits and robotic competitions. Two of my grandchildren competed in several and won several

Robots are marvelous things for industry and movies. Now we have robots designed for repetitious household tasks.

I never realized how much of a good thing a household robotic vacuum would be until C-3P0 came to live at our house. I was always skeptical that a machine could vacuum as well as a human. Then our OES Finn was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that causes him to lose his hair.

Sick and tired of having to vacuum every day, we took the plunge and bought a robotic vacuum. Named after the Stars Wars robot, C-3PO is a marvel.

Using a phone app to control where he goes, we watch C-3PO buzz along sweeping the floors over rugs and door thresholds.

So does Finn.

When C-3PC’s finished, he gives a beep-beep like a roadrunner and heads to his station to recharge.

From teaching kids about robots to owning one—life’s amazing!

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