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Retrieving eggs from the bantam coops has always presented a bit of a challenge. For a while, I had to scoop them forward and then grab them before they rolled back into the coop. Then in the new coops, I could move them forward with a stick and they stayed put until I picked them up.

However, one day I discovered the perfect egg grabbing tool at the 99 Cent Store.  It was marketed as a butterfly net. In fact, the cashier asked if I was going to catch butterflies. Now mind you she was wearing bunny ears so I knew whatever I said would be accepted without judgment.

“Actually,” I said, “I am going to gather eggs from our chicken coops.”

She suggested I wear bunny ears while doing so.  I assured her I already had some and would consider it.

This is the multi-purpose net
And a close up of the egg to be grabbed.







Since acquiring this magical net, we have discovered other uses.  It is perfect for scooping up chickens that are between the chain link and privacy fences.  The chickens are not thrilled with this process but they really don’t like being trapped either.

The net is also good for catching escapee chicks.  We can get to them from a distance, contain them, and then put them back where they belong.

We have already had to replace one egg-getting, chicken-scooping, chick-catching net. I have an extra one as a BUN – Back-up-net.

Last time I was at the 99 Cent store there was a stunning lack of what they call butterfly nets.  I guess we’ll have to be careful with ours until they can get more in stock.


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  1. I get it. However, I do have to wonder about a run on butterfly nets at the dollar store. Have you’ll had a plague of butterflies?

    Be careful! Those butterflies can be vicious.

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