So are you moving ahead on the New Year goals you set? Did you implement my plan or devise one of your own?

Whether you use my plan or any plan, I hope you’ll let 2013 be the year you claim your dream!

I found several suggestions on blogs to help us achieve writing success using a theme for the year.

The authors over at Novel Matters declared  Carpe Annum – Seize the Year for their theme.  Check out the details and suggestions here.

Fellow Wana112mate Sherry Isaac suggests we do some Baby Steppin’ That is, we move ahead one baby step at a time. You’ll love the clip she shares.

Whether you choose Carpe Annum or Baby Steppin’ or come up with your own theme. Just having a theme is a great way to focus on success.

If you still harbor some fear about moving ahead with writing goals and think you don’t have the time to devote to your dream, Edie Melson, social media coach and blogger, offers this advice: Want to Do More with Your Writing—Learn to Say No She provides very specific ways to put your writing goals first.

My best advice is summed up here: hey writer

Remember, a book is just a blank page and an eReader is a blank screen until you put your words on it.

blank book

tabletNow go be an unstoppable butterfly and fill those blank pages and screens.