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For some reason, this Christmas I felt compelled to take a family picture.  Matthew will be graduating from high school in May and so no one will be living at home.

Of course, everyone will come home for holidays – at least I hope they will. In any case, I convinced the family to get together for a picture.

familyThis looks great – right? Well what I’m not showing you are all the previous attempts.

We started in the living room with the camera set on a timer. Brian pushed the button then jumped over the coffee table to sit on the couch.  The flash did not go off.  We repeated this process many times with the same results.

I kept flashing back to all the Christmases where my father set the camera up on the bar and ran around to get in the group picture of all the kids and spouses. It made me laugh then and still makes me laugh to think about it.

Anyway, we decided to move the party outside.  This way anyone driving by could witness the insanity that is Miller Farm.

Turned out this was actually a much easier process. Until I suggested we include the four-legged family members.  Each person would hold his or her own dog.

Since I don’t officially have a dog, Matt suggested we get a chicken for me to hold. We all vetoed that very quickly.  Bella and a chicken in the same picture could not turn out well.

Instead, I stood surrounded by the people and dogs I love so well. family with dogs

Maybe next year we’ll figure out a way to include the chickens in the picture.