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Rachel’s Bantam Color Project is going quite splendidly. Her latest flock of bantam chicks is very interesting and most were sold almost immediately.

Richard and Isabella

She has a couple of partridge frizzles from Richard and Isabella.

Right now they are in the ugly stage but eventually, they will have feathers that stick out all over like their father.



We plan to keep these two.  If she gets more, Rachel has several people who would buy them.

I was having a hard time remembering the names of the breeds and colors of bantams so Rachel labeled the runs for me.She even laminated the labels so they will hold up in the rain.  We found out this week that the light from the neighbor’s house reflects off the label and looks like there is a fire.  That was an interesting discovery.

It may seem like a lot of trouble for chickens but it is really fun to see the different chicks when they hatch.

Right now Rachel has duck eggs in the incubator.  We cannot keep the ducks.  She just wants to see what it is like to hatch them.  We already have a new home for them. I just have to keep from getting too attached.