A guest blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

While Rachel has been at home this summer, we have established a routine of walking the dogs in the evenings.  The girls next door like to go with us and we appreciate the help. This week, however, Rachel has been housesitting so I’ve been on my own.

I faithfully walked next door to see if anyone was available to help. This particular time, one of the girls wanted to go but wanted to ride her scooter instead of walking a dog.  That left me with our four dogs and Miller who was staying at the Miller Farm Hotel while his mom was away at camp.

With five leashes, I felt like a sled dog driver.

We walked passed a friend’s house and he commented that the leashes looked like a May Pole. maypole

The school where I teach celebrates May Day each year so I knew exactly what he meant and he was right.

maypole leashesWhen I got home, I decided it would be much easier to take all the harnesses off the dogs without untangling the leashes.  That way the dogs could go get water and rest while I worked on the “maypole leash.”