Guest Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Dear Chickens,

Please stop playing hide and seek. I realize that for you this may be very amusing, however, I am not having fun.

There are also other reasons to stay in your chicken yard.

When you hide under the shed, there is a real possibility that Bella will be the one who finds you. She is a dachshund – bred to crawl into small spaces and retrieve animals. I’m not quite sure how you got under there. Beekeeper Brian had sealed every possible opening he could find. Apparently he missed one.

When you hide in the quail cage I can see you but cannot get to you easily.

chicken in quail cageI have to get a cinder block to stand on and there is a great potential for injury to me and to you. I know you are cramped and may feel invisible, but I see you there and since you have no food or water, you will not be comfortable for long.

I am ready to surrender and declare you “Hide and Seek Champions” if you will just stay in your chicken yard.

Thank you,

Chicken Wrangler Sara