A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

chase-a-chickenIf you chase a chicken into the coop and close the door behind you, you may get locked in.

If you left your phone in the house you are really stuck.

If you stick your fingers through the chicken wire to reach the latch they may get stuck.

If you get your fingers unstuck and look around for something to stick through the wire you may find only a feather.

If you use the feather, it will not be sturdy enough to unhook the latch.

If you realize you are still holding the chicken you chased into the coop, you can put it down – it can’t get out either.

If you take your glasses off to use the ear piece to reach the latch, you will not be able to see.

If you look outside the coop you may find a twig that will work to reach the latch.

If you can’t reach the twig, you can use the earpiece from your glasses.  You can see well enough to get the twig.

If you get out and go into the house, you may find your daughter came home and took a shower while you were stuck.

If you didn’t love your daughter so much, she would be locked in the chicken coop.