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We recently moved chicks from the long run on saw horses to a small pen on the ground.  It is actually one of the bantam pens that is currently vacant.  At first the chicks were thrilled to be on the ground. They scratched and pecked to their heart’s content.

When we checked on them later, however, they had gotten out and were everywhere.  Some were in the pen with Richard and Isabella.  Fortunately, Richard didn’t seem to mind.

Others had gotten in between the two fences.  Rachel has much experience in chick removal and was able to retrieve them fairly easily.

Gradually they are adjusting to their new home.  Only three continue to wander.  Last night I extracted them from the pile of chicks in the big coop.

They didn’t fuss. In fact, they seemed to be relieved to be back with their pen-mates.

If only they would stay there.