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The internet is a fascinating phenomenon.  It has made famous things that would have been ordinary at best.  For example, there is a whole website devoted to Grumpy Cat.

Now I confess I am not much of a cat person so I fail to see the fascination with this. However, it has made me think.

We have a hen that is particularly disagreeable.  She sits in the nest box all the time and when I go to collect eggs, she bites me.

When Rachel was home this summer, she would push the hen out of the nest box with a board and then get the eggs.

The hen started jumping out any time Rachel came near. I haven’t instituted that strategy yet.  She looks so peaceful when I walk up I hate to disturb her.

grumpy1Then when I go to reach for the eggs she turns into “Grumpy Hen.”


So I’m considering launching a “Grumpy Hen” website.

I could make T-shirts and calendars and stuffed hens and mugs and…

Or maybe not.

Grumpy Hen can be a special thing just for Miller Farm Friday blog readers.


2 Comments on “Grumpy Hen – Miller Farm Friday

  1. Great idea! I think we even have a bamboo stick around here somewhere left over from a bamboo flyrod that Beekeeper Brian built. I’ll have to put out an APB for it. Thanks.

  2. I have a thin bamboo stick that I use on grumpy hens. A few tap tap tap on or near their heads gets them moving.

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